Passager Books was founded in 2005 to give Passager authors the opportunity to publish their books, continuing the mission of Passager to honor the voices of older writers. Follow the links below to learn more about the titles from Passager Books, visit the online store to order one, or send us an email at

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New from Passager
Grandfather’s Mandolin

poems by Fran Markover,
2020 Henry Morgenthau III First Book Poetry Prize runner up

Grandfather's Mandolin book cover

Ox Horn Bend book cover

Ox Horn Bend

the story of Beyond Lowu Bridge continues in this Chinese-American’s journey during the Cold War

Tidal Wave

a debut collection by poet Dennis H. Lee, winner of the Henry Morgenthau III First Book Poetry Prize

Tidal Wave cover

Also from Passager Books:

Prayers of Little Consequence cover
Prayers of Little Consequence
poems by Gilbert Arzola
Days of Blue and Flame cover
Days of Blue and Flame
poems by Sarah Yerkes
Taproot cover
poems by Kathy Mangan

The Uncorrected Eye cover
The Uncorrected Eye
poems by Harry Bauld
Old Women Talking cover
Old Women Talking
poems by Wilderness Sarchild
Prickly Roses cover
Prickly Roses
a memoir by Joyce Abell

A Sunday in Purgatory cover

Sunday in Purgatory
poems by Henry Morgenthau III

The Three O'Clock Bird cover

The Three O’Clock Bird
poems by Anne Frydman

Find Mr. Rightstein cover

Finding Mr. Rightstein
a memoir by Nancy Davidoff Kelton

Gathering the Soft cover

Gathering the Soft
poems by Becky Dennison Sakellariou

The Chugalug King cover

The Chugalug King
stories by Andrew Brown

Little Miracles cover

Little Miracles
poems by James K. Zimmerman

The Want Fire cover

The Want Fire
poems by Jennifer Wallace

View from the Hilltop cover

View from the Hilltop
a collection by the North Oaks Writers

Never the Loss of Wings cover

Never the Loss of Wings
poems by Maryhelen Snyder

Because There Is No Return cover

Because There Is No Return
poems by Diana Anhalt

Beyond Lowu Bridge cover

Beyond Lowu Bridge
a memoir by Roy Cheng Tsung

Nightbook cover

poems by Steve Matanle

Hot Flash Sonnets cover

Hot Flash Sonnets
poems by Moira Egan

I Shall Go As I Came cover

I Shall Go As I Came
poems by Ellen Kirvin Dudis

Burning Bright cover

Burning Bright
a Passager anthology

Everything Is True At Once cover

Everything Is True At Once
poems by Bart Galle

Perris, California cover

Perris, California
poems by Norma Chapman

Keeping Time cover

Keeping Time
150 years of journal writing

A Hinge of Joy cover

A Hinge of Joy
poems by Jean L. Connor

A Little Breast Music cover

A Little Breast Music
poems by Shirley J. Brewer

Improvise in the Amen Corner cover

Improvise in the Amen Corner
poems & drawings by Larnell Custis Butler

A Cartography of Peace cover

A Cartography of Peace
poems by Jean L. Connor

We like to build a relationship with our authors and their work, which is why Passager Books only considers manuscripts from writers who have first been published in our journal. Submit during one of our reading periods so we can get to know you!

We offer two options for bookstore ordering: through Small Press Distribution and through consignment.

You can visit Small Press Distribution at to order most of our titles.

Our consignment rate is 60:40, offering bookstores a 40% discount on cover prices. If you are interested in ordering directly from Passager, please email your order to

Upcoming titles will be available for pre-order up to 6 weeks before their publication date, while the book is still being produced at the printer. This means that several weeks may pass between the time you place your order and the time the book arrives in your mailbox.

Books for pre-order will be specified as such on the individual book’s page on our website, and again on it’s page on the online store. Titles otherwise unmarked are currently in stock.