About Us

In 1990, in Baltimore, Passager was born. The idea was to bring attention to writers over 50 by giving them opportunities to publish with a nationally recognized press. At that time, it was unusual to find men and women writing in their 80s and 90s, but now we are happy to report that more and more authors join those ranks every day.

Passager Books, founded in 2005, has published anthologies, poetry collections, short fiction and memoirs by authors whose work has appeared in our journal. Our writers are our high flying birds, our muses, who make public the passions of a generation vital to our survival.

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“Each decade as we age is distinct. We’re filled with clichés, we’re filled with flat phrases, we could list all the ways used to describe older people. Poets and writers want to find language and tell the story of aging in a way that’s both truthful and new, revelatory.” Read the interview with editor Kendra Kopelke in Prime Time Living, a special edition of the Baltimore Sun.

Meet the Staff

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Mary Azrael and Kendra Kopelke, co-editors, have been editing Passager together (nonstop) for over 30 years. Poets themselves, they also write opera librettos (Mary), teach writing classes (Mary and Kendra), and play music. Pantea A. Tofangchi, art director, is a poet and skillful graphic designer, who pours her heart into making Passager’s books beautiful. Christine Drawl is our managing editor and is as professional and prompt as she is talented and wonderful to work with. Also a writer (of fiction) Christine received her MFA in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts at the University of Baltimore. Our business manager, Jaye Crooks, has been with us for over 20 years. Not only do we depend on her to help keep our expenses from going over the cliff, but she’s full of good ideas for the future of Passager. 


Solitude of Memory cover

Introducing The Solitude of Memory, a tender new book of poems from Michael Miller, just released!

The Pandemic Diaries are back! New entries are posted weekly. Read and submit here.

Grandfather’s Mandolin is a beautiful first book of poems from Fran Markover where “family and friends prevail and share their truths, stories, songs.” Read a sample here.

Congratulations to 2021 Passager Poet Gail DiMaggio and our Honorable Mentions! See the full list of poetry contest winners here.

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? Gilbert Arzola says he was a poet at 5 but the world changed him. Watch the interview with Gilbert about his new collection Prayers of Little Consequence.