A Hinge of Joy cover

Poetry | Soft cover | 58 pages | $9

Praise for A Hinge of Joy

“Jean Connor’s pure and modest singing reminds me why I came to poetry in the first place.”

David Huddle

“Peace, for this superb poet, is our ability to make sense out of fear . . .”

Rafael Campo

About the Author

“I find silence to be very rich. It’s able to receive fits of creativity and beauty and spiritual strength that one does not experience with too much busyness, too much radio, too much TV, too much talk. It’s always been a source of strength, understanding, perception.

“I have planted my garden so that almost every season there’s something in bloom. Flowers are not so often metaphors as a springboard for thoughts. They cause me to stop and look and think. I who grow older can do less for them, but they still keep coming.”

Jean L. Connor, a retired librarian, made her debut as a poet at age 85 with her highly acclaimed A Cartography of Peace, published by Passager Books in 2005.

Approaching 97, Jean continued to write eloquent, impassioned poems that savor the moment, “opening time and the hours within.” With this collection, A Hinge of Joy, she shares with readers her profound and unwavering reverence for life.