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Poetry | Soft cover | 106 Pages | $16

In Old Women Talking, Wilderness Sarchild celebrates growing old without denying the difficulties. Shouting, divulging, gossiping, sobbing, ranting, keening, Sarchild’s old women awaken us with their passion for living and loving.

Praise for Old Women Talking

In Old Women Talking, Wilderness Sarchild confronts head on the specter of aging that terrifies so many of us. She wrestles honestly with wrinkles, fear of dementia, the loss of friends and loved one and demands of herself that she say yes to aging and yes to the fact of her own eventual death. This is a necessary collection and strong medicine for all of us.

Marge Piercy

About the Author

Wilderness Sarchild is an expressive arts therapist, poet, playwright, and grandmother of six. She has long been a supporter of the creative arts, and leads experiential, expressive arts therapy groups to create empowered, compassionate and politically aware citizens. For the past 30 years Sarchild has been exploring women’s issues, as well as other peace and justice issues, through collaborative combinations of movement, spoken word and music. Her most recent play, Wrinkles the Musical, seeks to honor the aging process and challenge the cultural stereotype of “the old woman.”

Sarchild shares how she came to write Old Women Talking and some of the surprises of growing older. From “Of Some Renown,” a video series. June 2017.

The cover art is a 21″ x 29″ oil painting by Tia Cross titled “The Chat.” A detail of the painting is used with her kind permission.