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Book cover of Prayers of Little Consequence by Gilbert Arzola

Poetry | Soft cover | 110 pages | $16

Prayers of Little Consequence is a debut collection by a new poet and first generation Mexican American, Gilbert Arzola. Arzola’s humble, penetrating voice invites us into his story with poems about growing up poor and Mexican in an all-white neighborhood as well as poems about family, the self, and people in his life he has lost. Love and determination emanate from every page.

About the Author

Gilbert Arzola was raised in North Judson, Indiana, one generation removed from the back of a migrant truck, where his family was one of three Mexican-American families in an otherwise white community. He started writing in the eighth grade when an English teacher said that he had “a way with words.” Retired now, his children grown, he has returned to writing poetry, fiction and essays. Arzola is also a high school softball coach and author of a book about fast pitch pitching. His poems and stories have appeared in numerous publications and online, including Whetstone, Palabra, and The Tipton Review. He was the 2019 winner of the Passager Poetry Contest, and 2021 Rattle Chapbook Prize Winner for The Death of a Migrant Worker.

Arzola in the Media

ParhelionPrayers of Little Consequence: A Book Review

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? Gilbert Arzola explains that he was a poet at 5 but the world changed him.

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