The Want Fire cover

Poetry | Soft cover | 78 pages | $16

About the Book

If I were a gardener
I’d make paintings with petals and light.
But I don’t know what I am doing.
I uproot plants I should save,
let slugs eat the roses.
I’m restless in a 60 year muddle,
am of this earth but without.

—from “Restless”

The poems in this collection explore memory, aging, the elemental pleasures of wind and waves, and earthly creatures of all shapes and sizes.

Jennifer Wallace

Jennifer Wallace portrait
photo by Judy Remmel

About the Author

Jennifer Wallace lives in Baltimore, MD and Shutesbury, MA. She teaches at the Maryland Institute College of Art, is a poetry editor at The Cortland Review, and a founding editor of Toadlily Press. Her poems, essays and photographs have appeared in artists books, exhibition catalogs, galleries, museums, anthologies and literary journals. She has published three books of poetry: Minor Heaven (Desire Path) Toadlily Press, 2005; One Hundred Footsteps, a limited edition artist book with Katherine Kavanaugh, 2012; It Can Be Solved by Walking, CityLit Press, 2012.