Everything Is True At Once cover

Poetry | Soft cover | 69 pages | $9

About the Book

Bart Galle’s collection of poems and paintings, written after losing his son to a drug overdose and then his father six months later, chronicles a man’s journey through grief.

Praise for Everything Is True at Once

“The unadorned voice here is as real as a sun-soaked stone in hand– eternal, life-giving, transitory. These are stunningly moving poems.”

Ed Bok Lee

About the Author

Bart Galle, the 2008 Passager Poet, lives with his wife in St. Paul, MN. Bart on writing Everything Is True at Once: “I didn’t pursue writing until my father and my youngest son Alex died within six months of each other. In the grief group my wife and I attended, we learned so much . . . most importantly, that you have to follow what seems right to you. Some people scatter ashes, others hold on to them. Some clean out rooms, others never do. I needed to write, to find words that would give some structure and meaning to my overwhelming feelings. It was hard.”