The Diaries

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Reflections from Judith Beth Cohen, Maureen Woodcock, Gloria Kropf, Lynn M. Knapp, Rich Bates, Wendy Watson, Martha Graham-Waldon, Amy Cotler, Mary Alice Dixon, Ellen Reichman, Tricia Knoll, Pia Wood, Susan Milord and Dayana Moreno.

Women’s History Month

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Celebrating women, with pieces by Wilderness Sarchild, Gilbert Arzola and Joyce Abell.6 minutes TRANSCRIPT At the beginning of her book Old Women Talking, Wilderness Sarchild says, “In our culture, old age often indicates invisibility, but the old women I know … Continued

Pandemic Retrospective

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Two years of COVID, with excerpts from Juliet Wilson, Orman Day, Patrick Hansel, Elaine Lambert and Liz Abrams-Morley.7 minutes TRANSCRIPT Two years ago, in March, 2020, the World Health Organization declared Covid a pandemic, and President Trump declared a national … Continued

A Conversation with Henry Morgenthau III

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The first time we Passagerians visited Henry Morgenthau at his home at Ingleside Retirement Community in Washington, DC this past June, we were touched by his hospitality; he even had lunch prepared for us when we arrived. We were awed … Continued