Joyce Schmid portrait

Announcing . . .

the 2024 Passager
Poetry Contest Winner
Joyce Schmid
and 42 Honorable Mentions

Schmid’s five winning poems, her interview, and the honorable mentions are included in Passager’s contest issue, released in September. Help celebrate this glorious, wide-ranging work. Subscribe now.

Congratulations, poets!

Honorable Mentions

Colleen Anderson
May 2020: The Children in Their Bedrooms

Stefan Balan

John Biggs

Ann Bookman
Romance, Not for the Faint of Heart

Judith Bowles
The Future

Jane Bridges

Toni Bryant
The Packing Chicken

Don Colburn
Pause Over Thanksgiving

Brian Cronwall 
Norwegian Farms

John Philip Drury
Abecedarian Ode

Kelly DuMar
Dear Lyudmila Navalnaya, please

Sindee Ernst
The Holding

Martha Fox
Letter of Final Wishes

Madelyn Garner
Summer of Hiroshima

Mark Fryburg

Clarinda Harriss
Advice from Conjure Mabel

Kathleen Hellen
among the other catherines in the cult

John J. Hohn
Winter Night Trek

Matt Hohner
Your Last Entry in My Baby Book Before You Left

Thomas John Hurley
What Moves the Hermit Thrush to Sing in the Dark Woods Before Morning

Bonnie Jacobson

Bobby Jones
Alleluia, Alleluia 

Gurupreet K. Khalsa
Ganglial Glitches

J. I. Kleinberg
To be unseen

Elizabeth Knapp
Age of Aquarius

Mary Kollar
Sunlight This December

Kerry Loughman
Two Blocks From the Arboretum

Diane Y. Macklin
Mother Ashes

Bonnie Naradzay

Kathy O’Fallon
Listening for Tchaikovsky

Kathleen O’Toole
St. Francis in the Snow

Jennifer Pratt-Walter
A Clothesline of Words

Rick Rohdenburg
After the Flood

Lori Rottenberg
You Drive Like a Man

David J. S. Pickering
I Came from My Marriage to Tell You This 

Noel Salinger

Joel Savishinsky
The Saddest Smile, Indian Residential School 1907

Bill Spence
International Relations

R. A. Stewart
A World Without Dogs

Susan V. Walton
Cranes Roosting by the Platte: Sunset, 3/28/23

Anna M. Warrock
Missed the Bus

Susan Zimmerman 
Not Dead Yet