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Read to you by our host Jon Shorr.


Sarah Yerkes portrait

Pygmalion and Galatea

A poem by Washington, DC poet Sarah Yerkes, from her book Days of Blue and Flame, published by Passager Books in 2019. Meet Yerkes in a video interview.
5 minutes | Transcript

In the Fields

A poem by Indiana writer Gilbert Arzola, from his book Prayers of Little Consequence, published by Passager Books in 2020. Meet Arzola in a short video interview.
3 minutes | Transcript

Joyce Abell portrait

How I Got to College

Excerpt of an essay by Virginia writer Joyce Abell, from her memoir Prickly Roses, published by Passager Books in 2017. Meet Abell in a video interview.
4 minutes | Transcript

Larnell Custis Butler self-portrait

Pie Maker Ellen Emily Matthew

Two poems by Baltimore artist and poet Larnell Custis Butler, from her book Improvise in the Amen Corner, published by Passager Books in 2007.
3 minutes | Transcript

Tillie Friedenberg portrait

To My Fellow Poets

Excerpts of an essay from Baltimore poet Tillie Friedenberg, who wrote in 2008 about joining the protest movement in the 60s, published in the Martin Luther King Jr. issue of Passager.
4 minutes | Transcript

Shirley Brewer portrait

Give Me Liberace or Give Me Death

Two poems by Baltimore poet Shirley Brewer, from her book A Little Breast Music, published by Passager Books in 2008.
3 minutes | Transcript