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Excerpts from Illinois writer Julie McCracken’s memoir “Lord, Please Let Me Live Until Strawberry Season,” published in Passager in 1992.
5 minutes | Transcript

Pam Kress-Dunn portrait

Battered Wife

Excerpts from Iowa writer Pam Kress-Dunn’s memoir “Love and Fury in a Plastic Box,” from the 2019 Passager Open Issue.
5 minutes | Transcript

Robert Strout portrait

Lizzie the Coyote

Excerpt of an essay by Oaxaca writer Robert Joe Stout called “Laughing at the Moon,” published in the 2017 Open Issue of Passager.
5 minutes | Transcript

Gilbert Arzola and Harry Bauld

Back to School

Two poems by New York poet Harry Bauld from his book, The Uncorrected Eye, and Indiana poet Gilbert Arzola, from his book, Prayers of Little Consequence.
6 minutes | Transcript

Liz Abrams-Morley portrait

Growing Up in Traumatic Times

A poem by 2020 Passager Poet Liz Abrams-Morley, from the 2020 Passager Poetry Contest issue.
5 minutes | Transcript

Leatha Kendrick and Ruth Mota


Two poems by poets Ruth Mota (2018 Passager Poetry Contest) and Leatha Kendrick (2017 Passager Poetry Contest).
6 minutes | Transcript

Dennis H. Lee portrait

Before you write from the heart

Three poems from New Jersey poet Dennis H. Lee, 2020 winner of the Henry Morgenthau III First Book Poetry Prize for his collection, Tidal Wave.
5 minutes | Transcript

Anhalt at protest

Remembering Life in Mexico

Two poems from Georgia poet Diana Anhalt, from her book Because There Is No Return, published by Passager Books in 2015.
4 minutes | Transcript

Stephen Dixon self-portrait

An Interpretation of Dreams

Excerpts of a short story by Baltimore writer Stephen Dixon from the 2016 Passager Open Issue.
5 minutes | Transcript

Wilderness Sarchild portrait

The Approximate Weight of My Responsibility

Two poems by Cape Cod poet Wilderness Sarchild, from her book Old Women Talking, published by Passager Books in 2017.
5 minutes | Transcript

Henry Morgenthau III portrait

The Last Act

Two poems by D.C. poet Henry Morgenthau III from his book, A Sunday in Purgatory, published by Passager Books in 2016.
3 minutes | Transcript

Holding On

Excerpts of a memoir by Massachusetts writer Lynette Benton from the 2020 Passager Open Issue.
5 minutes | Transcript

Moira Egan portrait


A poem by Baltimore native Moira Egan, from her book Hot Flash Sonnetspublished by Passager Books in 2014.
3 minutes | Transcript


Excerpt of a memoir by Chinese-American writer Roy Cheng Tsung, from his book Beyond Lowu Bridge, published by Passager Books in 2014.
4 minutes | Transcript

Joe Harrison and Faye Ashby portraits

Lyric Compression

Two poems by Baltimore poets Joseph Harrison (2020 Passager Open Issue) and Fay Ashby (2019 Passager Poetry Contest).
4 minutes | Transcript

Nancy Kelton portrait

Eye Openers

Excerpt of a memoir by New York writer Nancy Davidoff Kelton, from her book Finding Mr. Rightstein, published by Passager Books in 2016.
4 minutes | Transcript

Kathy Mangan portrait

The Redeemed

A poem by Baltimore poet Kathy Mangan, from her book Taprootpublished by Passager Books in 2019.
3 minutes | Transcript

After Vacationing in Maine

Two poems by Vermont poet Jean L. Connor, from her book A Cartography of Peace, published by Passager Books in 2005.
4 minutes | Transcript

Andrew Brown portrait

The Chugalug King Goes Down the Road

Excerpts from Baltimore writer Andrew Brown, from his book The Chugalug King & Other Stories, published by Passager Books in 2016. Meet Brown in a video interview.
4 minutes | Transcript

Sarah Yerkes portrait

Pygmalion and Galatea

A poem by Washington, DC poet Sarah Yerkes, from her book Days of Blue and Flame, published by Passager Books in 2019. Meet Yerkes in a video interview.
5 minutes | Transcript

In the Fields

A poem by Indiana writer Gilbert Arzola, from his book Prayers of Little Consequence, published by Passager Books in 2020. Meet Arzola in a short video interview.
3 minutes | Transcript

Joyce Abell portrait

How I Got to College

Excerpt of a memoir by Virginia writer Joyce Abell, from her book Prickly Roses, published by Passager Books in 2017. Meet Abell in a video interview.
4 minutes | Transcript

Larnell Custis Butler self-portrait

Pie Maker Ellen Emily Matthew

Two poems by Baltimore artist and poet Larnell Custis Butler, from her book Improvise in the Amen Corner, published by Passager Books in 2007.
3 minutes | Transcript

Tillie Friedenberg portrait

To My Fellow Poets

Excerpts of an essay from Baltimore poet Tillie Friedenberg, who wrote in 2008 about joining the protest movement in the 60s, published in the Martin Luther King Jr. issue of Passager.
4 minutes | Transcript

Shirley Brewer portrait

Give Me Liberace or Give Me Death

Two poems by Baltimore poet Shirley Brewer, from her book A Little Breast Music, published by Passager Books in 2008.
3 minutes | Transcript

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