Hello Friends,

Passager’s staff is away for the month of August! In the meantime, you can still find much of what you need here on our website.

We will be filling orders on our online store until August 8. To order Passager books after that date, visit spdbooks.org or Amazon. 

You can still subscribe or renew with us at any time for the upcoming issue of Passager, due out in September. This issue features the winners of our 2023 Poetry Contest.

For questions about submitting poetry or prose to our upcoming issue, visit our our guidelines, or our FAQ’s About Submitting.

If you still can’t find the answer you need, email us on September 1. The deadline for submitting to the next issue is September 15. You can use Submittable or snail mail, postmarked September 15.

And if you live in Baltimore or nearby, mark your calendar for October 7-10, when poet Gilbert Arzola will come from Valparaiso, Indiana to give a series of Passager readings. We will roll out the red carpet and celebrate this beautiful writer, whose first book, Prayers of Little Consequence, was released just at the beginning of the pandemic. 

Enjoy your summer and we will see you in September!

Mary, Kendra, Rosanne and Christine