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2023 Passager Poetry Contest Issue cover

Soft cover | 144 pages | $15

Passager Poet
George Drew
and 48 Honorable Mentions

“I think my need to write poetry emerged from a deep love of language engendered by my Southern-tuned ear and my desire to make music. Not having any actual musical training or talent, other than a brief fling with the guitar, I ultimately turned to poetry, and over the years that has proven to be my ‘instrument,’ my music, for good or ill.”

George Drew

Honorable Mentions

Liz Ahl

Kathy Barr

Karen Bashkirew

Ida Marie Beck
Adder Stones

Nancy Lael Braun
Timothy’s Crayons

Mark Brooks
To Be A Romantic

Mary Cronin

Valerie Crosswell
Marriage Quilt

Susan Haroutunian Cunningham
Musical Chairs and a Wide Swing

Kate Deimling

Rachel Eisler

Elizabeth Esris
A Letter 60 Years Too Late

Joanne Esser

Eric Forsbergh
Midnight and the Veteran

Laureen Gibson
First Language

Dori Hale
From Here to There and Back

Laird Harrison
Between the Lines

Hunt Hawkins
Our Porch at Night

Joanne Holdridge
If You Can’t Take The Heat

Winifred Hughes

Peter Hutchinson

Terry Johnson
Late Winter, Early Spring

Wayne Karlin
Drinking with the Enemy

Charles Kesler

Richard Levine
Cat’s Cradle

Perie Longo
Taking Selfies with My Big Sister During Spring Thaw in Minnesota

Mark MacAllister
The 31 Moons Of March

Marda Messick
The Need

Jo Miles
May the Fork Be With You

Judy Gill Milford
Not Exactly Erato

B. Morrison
By the Bay

Susan Woods Morse

Keli Osborn
Buttoned-Up Vest

James Pavlakis
Into The Woulds

Christopher Rubio-Goldsmith
Guardian Angels

Patti Ruskey
May 5th

Jennifer Schneider
She’s Got Legs*

Collette Sell

Paula Sergi

Marya Smith
Sonnet to the Barn at Dusk

Douglas Smith
I don’t know why

Daniel Spinella
The Story Began

Sherri Stepakoff
My Forefathers Talking

Martin Steyer

Nancy Dew Taylor
Parrot Philosophy

Pat Valdata

Bill Van Buskirk
Grandad’s Trip

James Wyshynski
Last Will for Three Children

Pushcart Prize Nominations from this Issue:

“Last Talk With Emiko” by George Drew
“Drinking with the Enemy” by Wayne Karlin

Mary Azrael, Kendra Kopelke, editors. Rosanne Singer, assistant editor. Christine Drawl, managing editor, art director & design. Gilbert Arzola, Shirley J. Brewer, Linda Joy Burke, Jim Taylor, guest readers. Stephen Hollaway, Sarah Rubin, interns. Minás Konsolascover painting.