2017 Winter Issue cover

Poetry, Fiction & Memoir
Soft cover | 112 Pages | $5

We’re SOLD OUT of hard copies but digital pdfs are available.

As editors, we think carefully about the sequence of pieces in each issue. Whether or not you read from cover to cover, we want the pieces arranged as if you do, to tell a bigger story with a collection of voices.

So, imagine our surprise (“oh no!”) when we discovered, at the last proofing, that the first piece and the last and all the pieces in between were in reverse order. We have no idea how this happened. And maybe we don’t care to know, because the happy surprise is that the mistake pleased us as much as our carefully chosen order. A reminder that it’s a good idea to try things upside down and backwards sometimes just to see what happens.



Deborah Arnold
Laurie Barton
Marguerite Bouvard
Trent Busch
Esther Cantu
Blair Ewing
Rob Jacques
Rebecca Leet
Laurinda Lind
Shelley List
Tara MacMahon
Susan Maurer
Janet McCann
Michael Miller
Stephen Roberts
Andrés Rodríguez
Frank Salvidio
Jeanie Sanders
Wilderness Sarchild
Sam Schmidt
Elizabeth Schultz
Laura Secord
Anne Sheldon
Suzanne Simons
Sarah Dickenson Snyder
Bonnie Thurston
Mark Trechok
Florence Weinberger


Marie Anderson
Stephanie Dickinson
Amy Gottfried
John Kimmey
Timothy Reilly
Peggy Schimmelman
Robert Strout
Ed Vojik

Mary Azrael, Kendra Kopelke, editors. Mary Jane Kiehne, designer. Pantea Amin Tofangchi, cover art and design.