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Passager Poet
David Bergman
and 38 Honorable Mentions

“When I was younger, I wrote to win favor with editors, scholars, my teachers and sometime my students. Now it is enough if I please myself.”

David Bergman

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Honorable Mentions

Liz Abrams-Morley
“Write Your Hope for the New Year”

Gilbert Arzola
“Living Will”

Joyce S. Brown
“Wild Life”

Christopher Buckley
“In Common”

Linda Joy Burke

Paula Colangelo
“Midnight Under the Artificial Moon”

Raymond Copson

Lisa Couturier
“With the Hope My Father Dies While Dreaming”

Margaret Flaherty
“Nanny’s Hat”

Martha Fox
“For the ‘Nones'”

Leonard Freeman
“A Hawk Has Come”

Leslie Gabel-Brett
“What Is Possible”

Jerome Gagnon
“Things Are Opening Up Here, Again”

Laura Gamache
“Walking the Ave with Dylan Thomas”

Mary Hennessy
“My Heart Is a Parking Lot”

Nancy Jean Hill

Gabrielle LeMay
“Night Train”

Margaret Lloyd
“This Moment”

James McGrath
“In the Book I Leave Behind”

Marjorie Schratz McNamara
“Tourist in a Guppy Submarine”

Mary Padgen Michna

Constance Norgren
“Current Reading”

Sue Gibson Parks
“Summer Vacation”

Lenett Partlow-Myrick
“Family Visits with an Elder”

Julie Pratt
“The Cranes”

Beth Brown Preston
“Eye of the Storm”

Jaque Reed
“My Mother Is a Meadow”

John Romagna
“Variation on a Poem by Yeats”

Arthur Russell
“Love Poem”

Joel Savishinsky
“High Tide: The Wrack Line at Lincoln Park Beach, Puget Sound”

Joyce Schmid
“Beauty, Beauty”

Willa Schneberg
“Iron Lung”

Ivy Schweitzer
“Howard Johnson’s off Rt. 95, Jacksonville, FL”

Bob Shapero
“The Nature of the Body”

Anastasia Vassos
“Dear God,”

Susan Walton
“Earth Day, 4/22/22”

Todd Williams
“My Pandemic Face”

James K. Zimmerman

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