Issue 72 cover

Poetry, Fiction & Memoir
Soft cover | 160 Pages | $15

The poems, short stories, and memoirs in this issue reflect the skill, passion and the strong creative spark of our writers. And love, too. Read Patrick J. Murphy’s “This Bank and Shoal of Time” and your heart will open. Or “Darts” by Chris Carbaugh. Spend time with Tom Ritchie’s painting (cover) and hear the winter landscape speak to you.

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Penny Altman
Everyone’s Resurrection Poem

Robert Beveridge
[read, above]

Wendy Taylor Carlisle
Hey Diddle, Diddle

Susan Carlson
It’s Not Like a Dance

Johanna DeMay
Oral History Project

Gary McClain Gannaway
Morning Ritual

Bonnie Jacobson
The Mystery of Food and Thought

Ruth M. Kelly
In Medias Res

Elizabeth Klise
Seventeen Questions from the Silverware Drawer
[read, above]

Tracy K. Lewis
Aging Love-Child Looks Ahead
[read, above]

Andy Macera
The Bottom of Your Heart

Mary T. Murphy
Manayunk Alleys
[read, above]

Anne Myles
Arts and Crafts

Jean Nordhaus
Elegy for the Ties

Joe Pacheco
No More Heavy Poems

Dorothy Riehm
Taking the Light

Russell Rowland

Becky Sakellariou
. . . until the tree grows, towering

Mylo Schaaf
Rituals of Friends

Kathy Shorr
Bert’s Tree

Naomi Thiers
A Wish for M.H.

Rhett Watts
At Slack Tide

Michele Wolf
My Mother’s Mother


Jayne Brown
Her Left Eyebrow
[read, above]

Chris Carbaugh

Stephen Hollaway
Finding Mom

Craig Hukill & Freddie Lee Wilson
Rivals for My Affections
[read, above]

Patrick J. Murphy
This Bank and Shoal of Time

Roberta Schine
Totó and Marithelma

Kimm Brockett Stammen
The Music of Copenhagen

Riba Taylor

Kirk Wareham
Summer of the Fisher

Maureen Murphy Woodcock
Japanese Blowfish and A Wooden SooBoy

Mary Azrael, Kendra Kopelke, editors. Rosanne Singer, assistant editor. Christine Drawl, managing editor. Shirley J. Brewer, Stephen Matanle, Laurie Pfister, Jon Shorr, editorial assistants. Pantea Amin Tofangchi, design. Tom Ritchie, cover painting.