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Passager Poet
Gail DiMaggio
and our 40 Honorable Mentions

“Contrary to the usual assumptions, creativity can become more intense and wide-ranging once we’re older. We’ve got more to say, for one thing.”

Gail DiMaggio

Honorable Mentions

Catherine Allen
“A Quecha Lament,” “Lines after a Quechua Lament”

Colleen Anderson
“Mamaw’s Quilt”

Deborah Arnold
Three Visual Poems

Joanne M. Clarkson

Stephen Cribari
“The Grammar Lesson”

John Davis
“You Slide Your Wishes into Your Lips”

Kate Hallett Dayton
“Triple Moon”

Catherine DeNunzio
“As You Are”

Sue Ring deRosset
“Snapshot of the Apocalypse: ‘Mountains Burning'”

Shaheen Dil
“River at Night”

Marie G. Fochios

Stephanie Gangi
“Coyote in Riverside Park”

Tim Gillespie
“Searching the Shelves at the Hardware Store”

Red Hawk
“The Indians of the Iroquois Confederacy to the College of Wm. and Mary (1744)”

Tony Howarth
“Conversation Is, Is”

B. Fulton Jennes
“Uncle Fred Lived Years with Only One Lung”

Leah Johnson
“Country of Origin”

Jennifer Keith
“I’m Sorry I’m So Mean”

Elizabeth Kerlikowske
“So They Sing”

David Leeds
“The Pond”

Lou Lipsitz
“The Loneliness of Men”

Joyce Greenberg Lott

Robert Lowes
“One-sentence Rant”

Mark MacAllister
“About the Poet”

Patricia McMillen
“wu ji”

Angie Minkin
“A Messanger”

Jan Mordenski
“Making Lace”

Jed Myers
“Windshield Razzle-Dazzle”

Gail Newman

Steve Ormiston
“Late Again”

Bethany Reid

Sophia Rivkin

Susan Jo Russell
“My Father in the Water”

Libi Siporin
“The Dream”

Judith Slater
“Personal History”

Curt Sloan
“The Meetings”

David Sloan
“Black and White Snapshots”

Robert Tremmel
“At Home, Not Quite Alone”

Denise Utt
“Vintage San Francisco”

Pat Valdata
“The Oyster Packing House”