2019 Passager Open Issue Issue 66 cover

Poetry, Fiction, & Memoir
Soft cover | 164 Pages | $15

In this issue, you’ll find hard-won stories of survival, abuse, immigration and exile, a World War II Christmas, life in an orphanage in the 1950s. From Rio de Janeiro to Coney Island to rural Maine – love stories, coming of age in the ‘50s and ‘60s, ancient trees, a school bus, a canoe, chameleons. And flying! Read a sample by clicking the “Peep Inside” bird below.

peep inside


Michael Bates

Audrey Bohanan
“Winter School”

Tom Boswell

Aaron Brossiet
“Ars Poëtica 790”

Phyllis Carito

Catherine Carter
“Funeral Instructions” [read, above]

Judith Chalmer
“I Want a Use”

Ted Charnley
“At the Museum of the Book” [read, above]

John Hovde
“Baudelaire’s Roadster”

Jenny Hubbard
“A stitch in time”

Leonard Kress

April Lindner

James McGrath
“There Will Always Be a Poem”

Janice Townley Moore
“Morning Accelerando on Highway 29” [read, above]

Gail Newman
“Sabotage,” “Two Tales” & “Valentines Day”

Lalita Noronha
“What My Mother Told Me”

Ann Rayburn
“New Territory”

Will Reger
“Immigrant Song”

William Reichard
“Bright River”

Jack Ritter
“Blowing Up Things”

Joel Savishinsky

Carmi Soifer

Scott Ward
“Flying at Night” [read, above]

Carol Was

Catherine Young


Andrew Brown
“Upon a Midnight Clear” [read, above]

Wesley Cann, Jr.
“No Mojitos in Bloom Square”

Bill Jones
“The Woman with Needs”

Pam Kress-Dunn
“Love and Fury in a Plastic Box”

Roger McKnight
“Genuine Souls”

Phyllis Reilly
“Erin Goes to Coney Island, The Year is 1952”

Included in this issue:
“Remembering Henry,” a memoir about Henry Morgenthau III by Vince Granata

Mary Azrael, Kendra Kopelke, editors. Christine Drawl, managing editor. Pantea Amin Tofangchi, design.