After a tailspin year, we’re sticking with the alphabet, which seems to be both a guide and a muse. It’s back to the beautiful basics, our ABCs. The pieces are arranged almost alphabetically, but for some variations when it seemed necessary or smart. So read from A-Z and see what the overall message is for the new year. And let us know what you find. 

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Poetry, Fiction, & Memoir | Soft cover | 106 Pages | $10



Lisa Bellamy

Marilyn Churchill
“Refugees” [read, above]

Gary Duehr
“American Gothic”

Ed Gold

Clarinda Harriss
“Golden Shovels for Tom”

Michael Keshigian
“Midnight Introspection”

Nikia Leopold

Anita Mewherter
“The Diagnosis”

Nancy L. Meyer
“Lament for Netherhair”

Greg Moglia
“Cheeseburger and Fries”

Keli Osborn
“A Gesture Is a Signal”

Jack Powers
“Provincetown, 2010”

Donna Puccia

Bethany Reid
“All Things Done in the Body”

Rosanne Singer
“Horizontal Man: An Unsolved Murder in Baltimore”

Myra Sklarew
“Finding Your Way”

Jesse Arthur Stone
“A Quiet Presence” [read, above]

Robin Talbert
“The Way the World Should Be”

Mitchell Untch

John L. Wright


Bruce Allen Chamberlin
“The Baitcasting Reel”

Isobel Cunningham
“Spring Reprieve”

Paul James Edgar

Mary Lucille Hays
“Where You Go, I Will Go”

Sarah Lejeune
“Sophie’s Sweater”

Gloria O’Neil
“The Wedding Queen”

David Roth
“Dancing the Csàrdàs in the Laundromat” [read, above]

Mary Azrael, Kendra Kopelke, editors. Christine Drawl, managing editor. Pantea Amin Tofangchi, cover art and design.