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As our fiscal year is coming to an end and we’ve finished our projects, it feels good to—finally—have a moment to stop scrambling, and reflect. This year was a busy one for us. Until 2015, we had only done one book per year. This year we published NINE (what were we thinking!?) starting with Because There Is No Return (July). Then we were on a roll with Never the Loss of Wings (September), The Want Fire (October), View from the Hilltop (November), and Little Miracles (December). But by January, we didn’t know if we would have the steam to finish. Somewhat appropriately, we chugged along with The Chugalug King & Other Stories (February), Gathering the Soft (April), Finding Mr. Rightstein (also April), and The Three O’Clock Bird (May), with two issues of Passager along the way.

Our wee team relied heavily on pretzels and bagged popcorn (bits of which we shamelessly allowed to litter the floor for weeks between housekeeping visits!) Even deep in one manuscript, “The Next One” was always looming. But it never stopped us from celebrating the arrival of each one along the way. Tomorrow we’re taking a field trip to New York City for an event with Nancy Kelton and “Mr. Rightstein.” A post for another day!

While we’ve already started on “The Next One” (more on that soon!) we’re slowing things down this year with only a handful of books. Passager’s 25th milestone is behind us. And Summer is here! We’re spending a little more time in our gardens, taking our dogs for longer walks, and Pantea is drawing on her walls! (See photo). We’re also reading a lot more manuscripts, getting the next issue together, and looking forward to watching Passager grow in all kinds of new and unexpected ways.

With these posts we hope to create a forum to stay better in touch with our readers. Please feel free to comment here with things you might want to read about—what our editors read for, how Pantea comes up with her designs, whatever you want to know! We’ll write about it here. (And we’ll post when there’s a sale coming, too!)

Our workroom is colorful and lively, but windowless! Hearing from you reminds us that there’s a world out there! We hope to hear from you. And we hope the University of Baltimore will grant our request for some windows!!

More soon,