Field Trip #2: A Reading with Steve Dixon

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On a recent Wednesday evening at The Ivy Bookshop, the Passager team joined Baltimore author Stephen Dixon for the release of his latest novel, Letters to Kevin. We published Dixon’s story, “An Interpretation of Dreams,” in our last issue (60), and this spring, we released a collection of poetry, The Three O’Clock Bird, by his late wife Anne Frydman.

In the q and a following the reading, Dixon told the audience that he’s always writing, every day, seven days a week, without a miss. In fact, he admitted that every time he finishes a project, he fears having nothing to write. But, he always does, and if the next idea wakes him up in the middle of the night, he’s up and writing! As a result, he’s published 18 novels and 15 story collections, including three new books this Spring.

Letters to Kevin protagonist Rudy is an avid writer himself, his letters chronicling his series of comical misadventures trying to get across the country to visit his adoptive son. Just before the reading, Dixon explained, smiling, ‘This won’t be much of a reading if you don’t laugh.’ He needn’t have worried though; there was plenty of laughter that night.


One of the many drawings Dixon produced for the novel.