Passager Poet Harry Bauld

and 45 Honorable Mentions


Harry Bauld was twice first-team All-Ivy League shortstop at Columbia University. As a freelance journalist he has written articles about sports, the arts, wine, and other topics for various magazines. His poems have won the New Millennium Writings Award and the Milton Kessler Poetry Prize, and appeared in Nimrod, Southern Poetry Review, and Passager (Issue 49) among others. He currently holds the Kulik Chair in English at Horace Mann School in New York.

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Honorable Mentions


Pamela R. Anderson

Dawn Apelian

John Barrale

Marge Barrett

Terry Hall Bodine

Kathryn Bold

Patricia Bollin

Andrew Brown

John Carter

Sherri Felt Dratfield

Art Elser

D.G. Geis

GeneJames Gilbert

John Glowney

Mac Greene

Dori Hale

Mary Stone Hanley

Kathleen Hellen

Manuel Igrejas

Leatha Kendrick

Susan Kress

Steve Lautermilch

Michele Leavitt

Dennis H. Lee

Richard Levine

Clif Mason 

Colin McKim

Rosie McMahan

T.P. Murphy

Jim Nawrocki

Valerie Neal

Paul Nelson

Gwynn O’Gara

Sophia Rivkin

Sam Schmidt

Myra Shapiro

Jim Smith

Maryhelen Snyder

Jack Stewart 

Jim Taylor 

Adrienne Unger 

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick-Vrenios 

Alice Weiss

Kory Wells

James Wyshynski