by Steve Matanle, 2011
Soft Cover, 70 pages
Cover price: $9

Nightbook by Steve Matanle is a collection of poems for people who are awake in the middle of the night. Matanle “invites his readers to explore those night voices that point to the mysterious complexities of our lives,” says former Poet Laureate of Maryland Michael S. Glaser.

“I’m rereading Nightbook tonight.  I love this little book. It reads to me like a nocturnal sestina–night  stars   moon  heart  angels  trees  wind  light; these words reappearing but at irregular intervals, since at nighttime everything takes on a different shape, proportions change and the distances between things, as these poems show.  (The Hebrew word for evening is ‘merging.’)” — Hal Grinberg, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

View sample pages and view video below.

 Mary Azrael and Kendra Kopelke, editors
Pantea Amin Tofangchi, designer

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