I Shall Go As I Came

by Ellen Kirvin Dudis, 2012
Soft Cover, 64 pages
Cover Price: $9

I Shall Go As I Came by Ellen Kirvin Dudis is the latest installment of Passager’s chapbook series. In it, you will find “poems that sing beautifully of nature, love, loss, of communication across time and species: the ancient lovers’ bones found in Verona, daylilies, toads, and the bright yellow flash of the butterflyfish,” quotes poet Moira Egan. You will feel as though you know Ellen intimately, that each poem is the brother of the poem preceding and following it. You will feel as Clare Banks did, that Ellen “confronts the sublime and the awe-inspiring in the everyday.”

We met Ellen when she came to read her poems at a Passager event in Annapolis, MD, in 2011. We loved her work and her reading and we asked her to send us a manuscript. We knew immediately, in a heart-pounding way, that we wanted to publish her book. Sadly, a few weeks later, Ellen learned that she had an aggressive form of cancer. She passed away in July, 2012. We are grateful to her husband, Joe, and her daughter Susie for their invaluable help completing this book.

Mary Azrael and Kendra Kopelke, editors
Pantea Amin Tofangchi, designer

The Voice of Freedom, by Ellen Kirvin Dudis by passagerpress, read by Susie Dudis

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