Revisiting Larnell Custis Butler

The following poem and art piece by Larnell Custis Butler appeared in Passager Issue 41 (Winter 2006), and in Improvise in the Amen Corner.


FullSizeRender Gardenia in my hair

Roy’s Visit to Baltimore

It has been quite a summer here at Passager! Our little Passager family has grown significantly with the welcoming of Roy Cheng Tsung, author of Beyond Lowu Bridge. His tale of moving from America into Communist China during the Cold War enchanted us the first time we published his story, “The Monkey King,” in Issue 52.

This past weekend, Roy flew into Baltimore from his home in California. Here he is in the home of our amazing book designer, Pantea Amin Tofangchi, with a book display we set up.












When I first spoke to Roy on the phone a few years ago, I was new to Passager. I was a student assistant working through the University of Baltimore, and Roy was placing a phone order for additional copies of Issue 52. I remember being struck for the first time with the realization of what Passager’s mission is, and the effect Passager has on its readers and authors. Dedicating a creative space exclusively to older writers is giving a platform to voices and talents that are often overlooked.


I’m so happy to be a part of Passager, as I am sure many of you are happy to be a part of the community as well. If you are interested in publishing with Passager, visit our Submit page to learn about our guidelines. Remember, you can always order a book or subscribe online by visiting our online market.


With love and good wishes,



56 is winding down!

Hi everybody!


Things are moving right along here at the Passager office as we gear up to send Issue 56 to the printer. We are so excited for the wealth of wonderful poetry and fiction in this issue… We have some familiar faces in the bunch as well as some new Passager friends for you to meet. We are aiming to have the issue at the printer by late November, so look for it in your mailbox come December!


In other news, we want to give a special shout out to longtime friend and Passager author, Rita Plush, whose collection of short stories, Alterations, is out this year from Penumbra Publishing.


Alterations Rita Plush









Congratulations to Rita and happy reading to all of our Passager friends!

In Remembrance of Joyce La Mers

Many of you read Issue 55 and fell in love with Joyce La Mers, the 2013 Passager Poet, whose humor and wonderful insight moved us. We received word earlier in the week from her friend Patricia Hoad that Joyce passed away on October 4, 2013.

Joyce truly was one of the bright spirits we admire at Passager. Her life inspired us, and we loved hearing stories of her driving “many miles of unplanned, uncharted highway,” driving across the country in her RV, or growing up competing with her brothers to write “comic parodies of poems.” We are honored to have been able to publish her work in Issue 55, and also to have included her in our anthology, Burning Bright.


In her note, Patricia mentions the Nobel Peace Prize, which has been awarded to Francois Englert and Peter W. Higgs for their theoretical physics research on the Higgs boson, a subatomic particle. Patricia writes “you were timely to include this poem of hers in Passager, and she would have been so interested in the Nobel discussion, and would have understood it!” This was one of the singular things about Joyce- she wrapped poetry around the whole world.


We continue to find inspiration in Joyce’s life and writing, and a surprising comfort in her thoughts on the afterlife: “I really want to know, but I don’t believe I will. I believe I will become part of the Mystery and won’t know squat.”

Issue 55 is here!

Hi everyone! We are so excited that Issue 55 is here, in the office, RIGHT NOW! It is beautiful. Look for your copy in the mail in the upcoming week!


To celebrate, check out the recordings of 2013 Passager Poet Joyce La Mers reading some of her featured poems by clicking play below!